Self-Guided Tour of Marceline

Welcome to our self-guided walking tour of Marceline. You’ll be able to hear information about a particular site and read along on your phone if you like.

Most sites are within walking distance of Main Street USA, with a few being a very short drive or bicycle ride away. The map below shows the location of the sites.

This is how self-guided tour works:

  • Scan the QR Code at a site and click the necessary prompt to open the website.
  • Once the website opens, click the “Play” prompt to start the narration.
  • Click the pointing hand below the map, or select a specific location.

Download a PDF of this map

Where are the QR Codes at each site?

  1. Introduction to Marceline – Scan QR Code on Tour Map.
  2. Santa Fe Depot (Walt Disney Hometown Museum) – Window to the right of door at garden entrance.
  3. Walt Disney Hometown Museum – Window to left of museum entrance.
  4. Santa Fe Lunch Room – Window to the right of west entrance.
  5. Diesel Locomotive – Sign on south-west side (near front) of locomotive.
  6. Ripley Park – Wooden sign on west side bridge over pond.
  7. Steam Locomotive – Wooden sign on west side of locomotive.
  8. Marceline Post Office – Next to plaque near entrance steps.
  9. Allen Hotel – To the right of glass door on north side of building.
  10. Murray’s (Linn County Leader) – On window to left of entrance.
  11. Uptown Theater – On wooden door to the left of theater entrance.
  12. Marceline State Bank – On front door glass.
  13. First National Bank (Historic Marceline Toy Company) – Front door glass.
  14. Gracia Street Bridge – At start of railing on west side of bridge.
  15. McLaughlin’s Undertakers/furniture – On window to the right of main street corner entrance.
  16. Central Hardware (C & W Hardware) – Window to the left of entrance.
  17. Cater Opera House (Monarch Title Company) – Window to right of corner entrance.
  18. Zurcher Building (Hazel & Grace) – Window to the left of corner entrance.
  19. Coke Wall – Wooden post to the left of entrance to Coke Wall area.
  20. Magnolia Building (Magnolia Antiques) – Door of “Ballroom” entrance.
  21. Company Store (Cupp Chevrolet) – Window to the left of front entrance.
  22. Marceline Carnegie Library – On left-facing side of left post of Library sign.
  23. Gucker Coal Company – Window on main entrance.
  24. Park School (Prenger Foods) – On left side of left window facing Chestnut near entrance.
  25. Walt Disney Elementary School – Window to left of main entrance.
  26. Santa Fe Country Club – In front of pole on the bottom of driving loop near lake.
  27. Walt Disney Swimming Pool – Window to the left of pool entrance, left corner.
  28. Disney Farmhouse – Wooden post south side of gravel pull-off area.
  29. Disney Barn – Wooden post to the left while approaching the barn.


  • Narrator Voice Over: Mike Lynch
  • Map Consultant: Stephen Cargile
  • Technology Development: Dave Tavres
  • Script Research/Writer: Dan Courtney

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