Allen Hotel

In years gone by, as it is now, the importance of a city is largely judged by its hotel facilities.  In the early nineteen-hundreds, the Allen Hotel was the leading hotel in Marceline.  Built in nineteen-oh-six, it was brand new when the Disney’s arrived in Marceline. 

The Allen Hotel had all of the modern conveniences:  Hot and cold running water, steam heating, and electric lights to name just a few.  The hotel was known for its quick service, elegant cooking, and fine furnishings.  It was located within easy an easy walk or horse-cart ride from the railroad station.  

Roy Disney later recalled the entire Disney family having a meal in the dining room.  Roy couldn’t remember what he had to eat, but he did remember that his little sister Ruth spilled a plate of food that their father paid for in real cash.

In nineteen-thirteen, the hotel charged two dollars per day, including meals, and could accommodate up to one-hundred-fifty guests.  The hotel was said to have enjoyed a large trade at all times.

After a long history dating back to the early days of the city, the Allen Hotel closed its doors in the year nineteen-sixty-eight.