Commercial Space for Lease or Sale

Marceline is special. It’s magical. It’s the town Walt Disney called his hometown. Walt once wrote “More things of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since or are likely to in the future.” Now, isn’t this a place you want to live? To do business? To be a part of?

Main Street USA – no, not at Disneyland – Marceline’s Main Street is the place to open a business. Our community has hometown values. We know each other. We help each other. We share our lives with each other and with the numerous guests that come to Walt Disney’s hometown. Come be part of the magic.

First floor retail has a lot to offer with so many Disney fans visiting Marceline from around the world, and second and third floor spaces are great for service businesses that want to have a Main Street address, but don’t have many walk-in customers. Furthermore, with fiber, gigabit internet access in Marceline from Chariton Valley internet services (a Downtown Marceline Foundation donor) combining your brick-and-mortar business with a worldwide online business could supplement walk-in sales – with the added benefit of letting customers buy from your store in Walt Disney’s hometown!

Here are some ideas for retail businesses to open here in Marceline:

  • Bakery / Cafe
  • Picture framing and photo printing
  • Antique Store
  • Outdoor / Hunting / Fishing supplies
  • Indoor Mini Golf Course
  • Pet Care, Grooming, Food & Toys
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Furniture Store / Furniture Restoration
  • Winery / Jewelry Store
  • eBay Drop Off Store
  • Arcade
  • 112 S. Main Street USA

    112 S. Main Street USA

    112 S. Main Street USA is available for sale. It’s located between Tiger Pit Fitness and C&W Hardware. A previous owner began work to build…

This page is offered as a guide to connect with property owners in the Downtown Marceline area. We simply want to connect people to do business. We are not a real estate business or a intermediary to work through.