First National Bank

The First National Bank was at this location on the corner of Main Street and Howell Street starting in 1904. Prior to that, it was called The Marceline Bank and was established in 1888. The building you see is basically the same as it was then, though there were brick arches along the front sidewalk that have since been removed.

It was said in 1913 that the First National Bank was housed in a beautiful building. The magnificent interior was furnished in oak and marble with bronze fixture. The vault and safe were of the latest design and every precaution taken to protect valuables entrusted to the banks care. All manner of banking was conducted here for local businesses, corporations, city and rural residents. It was also said that persons associated with this institution had long been identified with the growth and prosperity of Marceline.

But it did not last. During the Great Depression in the 1930, 9,000 banks failed in the United States. The First National Bank failed in November of 1931 and never re-opened.