Coke Wall Mural

Walt Disney had said that the Coca-Cola building in Disneyland is modeled after the Zurcher building in Marceline. When he said this, the connection between Coca Cola and the Zurcher building had not been clearly established, and for years this connection remained a mystery.

Coke Wall |

Albert Zurcher built an apartment annex behind his jewelry store in 1919 and in 2002 the apartment annex burned. When the charred debris was removed, it revealed the lost Coke sign that Walt would have seen as a child. Thus, the mystery was revealed.

In November 2015 the Coca Cola Company sent a team of artists to restore the historic Coke wall. A Coke historian projected that the original sign was most likely painted in 1906, the same year the Disney family moved from Chicago to Marceline.

Disneyland Coke Corner |

Along the top of the wall is an advertisement for the furniture company that Walt worked for cleaning their horse drawn hearse. Walt liked to remember that his brother Roy did all the work, while Walt lay inside and played dead.

The Kansas Avenue that Walt knew it in 1905 is replicated in Disneyland as Main Street USA.