Marceline Carnegie Library

This is the Marceline Carnegie Library. But what IS a Carnegie library? 

A Carnegie library is a library built with money donated by Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  Over twenty-five-hundred Carnegie libraries were built around the world between eighteen-eighty-three and nineteen-twenty-nine, with sixteen-hundred-and-eighty-nine built in the United States. As Carnegie’s library funding progressed, very few of the towns that requested a grant, committing to his terms for operation and maintenance, were refused. By the time the last grant was made in nineteen-nineteen, half of the libraries in the Unitied States were built with construction grants paid by Carnegie. 

The effort to secure a Marceline Carnegie Library was started by the Marceline Women’s Civic League with a request to the Carnegie Foundation in March of nineteen-seventeen.  Just a couple months later, the City of Marceline was notified by the Carnegie Corporation that twelve-thousand-five-hundred dollars would be granted for a public library.  The city had to promise to collect a tax to maintain the library.

Nineteen-eighteen and nineteen-nineteen were busy years:  A Library Board was appointed, an architect selected, a library site chosen, building plans approved by the Carnegie Foundation, and many other details completed.  Building construction got underway, a book drive was conducted, and the Marceline Carnegie Library was open to the public on November first, nineteen-twenty.

The Marceline Carnegie Library has been growing readers for one-hundred years and will continue for many more as it continues to serve an important function within the community.