Run for the… Oreos!

Willie Ewigman, Karla Davis, and Dillan McCollum

Downtown Marceline Foundation’s 3rd Grocery Grab – “Run for the Turkey” didn’t actually include a turkey! Dillan McCollum did a great job of running through Prenger Foods – with an entourage of little ones in tow to make sure he grabbed some good stuff. Willie Ewigman won the $100 Prenger Foods gift card, and Karla Davis won the $50 Prenger Foods gift card. The 2-minute shopping spree ended with more Oreos and other snacks in his cart than turkeys. And a couple of mammoth bones for his pooch to enjoy as well.

Dillan McCollum | Downtown Marceline Foundation

It was different doing the Grocery Grab after daylight savings time, as it was already dark – where in years past, it was still light outside, but we had a great turnout anyway. It was fun to see the finalists make their way to the store before the shopping spree, as they were planning their routes and grabs. Dillan finished with a total of $174.57 in his cart with time to spare.

The Downtown Marceline Foundation is so thankful for the community support in purchasing tickets, and to the Prenger family for their donations of the gift cards, and allowing us to do a shopping spree in their Marceline store.

Dillan and Prenger Food fans after the Grocery Grab | Downtown Marceline Foundation
Prenger Foods | Downtown Marceline Foundation