‘Tis the season for elves

It’s time for Downtown Marceline Foundation‘s annual “Elves on the Shelves” Scavenger Hunt!

How does that song go? Oh yes, Santa Claus is Coming to Town… and he’s bringing his elves!

Santa is scheduled to arrive during Peanut Night – but an advance team of his scout elves are expected to be in Marceline between Sunday, November 12th and Saturday November 25th. Santa’s little elves can be just a bit mischievous though, and they’re very good at hiding. So, children of all ages and their families are encouraged to hunt for these crafty creatures inside the stores along Main Street USA. Each participating store will have a poster of an elf’s hat in their front window (like the one below,) so you know where to search for the hiding elves.

As the elves still have work to do at the North Pole, they must be found before the participating Main Street businesses close on November 25th. Children wishing to help Santa find his elusive elves need to pick up a scavenger hunt game card at any of the participating businesses. Once a child has found an elf, an employee will initial the box on their card. Children finding all of Santa’s elves should leave their completed card at any participating business before they close on (or before) Peanut Night for a chance to win one of four $25 M.A.D. Money prizes!

  • The drawing will take place on Tuesday, November 28th, and parents will be notified if your child’s card was drawn.
  • Adults, please be sure to accompany the kids while in the shops.
  • There’s no cost to participate, and children need not be present to win.

Come visit Main Street USA and stop by these businesses to find the elves: