Marceline Elves on the Shelves Scavenger Hunt Delights Kids with Festive Fun

In our charming town of Marceline, children eagerly participated in the Elves on the Shelves Scavenger Hunt again this year. It was a delightful event that brought holiday cheer to Main Street USA. The event culminated on Peanut Night, and all the submitted cards were collected to draw the names of the kids who found all of the elves at the participating businesses. Karen McKinstry and Jack White gave the Downtown Marceline Foundation a hand by drawing the lucky winners.

Elves on the Shelves Elf Hat | Downtown Marceline Foundation

The winners were Alana Peck, Emerson Shoemaker, Lehua Schmitt, and Kynlee Beck. These young adventurers showcased their keen observation skills as they scoured Main Street businesses in search of the mischievous elves hidden in various nooks and crannies during the elves’ two-week visit to Marceline. From what many of us observed, the kids and the parents had fun searching as they brought joy and made connections with our local merchants as we start the Christmas season.

Each child will receive $25 in M. A. D. Money, which they can use at participating Marceline Area Chamber of Commerce businesses. The Marceline Elves on the Shelves Scavenger Hunt not only provided a delightful adventure for the children but also fostered a sense of community spirit. Families and friends came together to share in the joy of the season, and to create memories of Marceline. The Downtown Marceline Foundation would like to sincerely thank all involved in preparing the event, hosting the elves, and finding Santa’s helpers here in town. We extend a heartfelt congratulations to Alana, Emerson, Lehua, and Kynlee.

Interesting to note – we had 111 kids find all of the elves and submit their cards! And Hazel & Grace Boutique told us that they had out-of-town shoppers who loved the idea and were going to take it back to their communities.

In the spirit of the season, Marceline wishes everyone a Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of community. It’s always fun to see the kids looking for the elves, and we hope to repeat this event for years to come.

If you’d like to volunteer with the Downtown Marceline Foundation to help with this and other events, talk to anyone on our Board or our committees and let them know you’d like to get involved.

Marceline Elves on the Shelves Scavenger Hunt Delights Kids with Festive | Downtown Marceline Foundation