Downtown Marceline awarded TRIM Grant

Restoration of downtown tree canopy and pedestrian safety key goals

Autumn Blaze Maple tree |

Marceline, MO – The Downtown Marceline Organization was recently awarded a Tree Resource Improvement & Maintenance (TRIM) Grant in the amount of $14,064.00 for the replacement, planting, and care of 28 trees on Main Street USA. The competitive cost-share program is provided and
administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation in cooperation with the Missouri Community Forestry Council. Downtown Marceline has further partnered with the City of Marceline to provide in-kind service in preparation for planting and follow-on care of the trees as part of the grant requirement.

“We are really pleased to have been awarded this grant and this opportunity to restore our tree-lined main street,” said Toni Sportsman, Executive Director of Downtown Marceline. “Not only will the beautiful downtown canopy be restored, it will create a narrow illusion that will help slow traffic speed and help keep residents and visitor pedestrian traffic safe.”

The removal of the remaining existing trees and removal of previously cut stumps, located in existing sidewalk tree grates, will be conducted by the City of Marceline Street Department and Parks & Recreation Department. A total of 13 trees will be removed. Many of the trees that once adorned Main Street USA have succumbed to disease, sun scalding, or had to be removed due to public safety issues.

These trees will be replaced with trees better suited for a mainstreet environment – ‘Right Tree, Right Place’ – as recommended by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“The increasing absence of downtown trees has led to a desolate appearance, lack of life and color, in our downtown,” states City Manager Richard Hoon.

“The new trees will enhance the look and feel – giving life to the brick and mortar.” The new trees will be supplied and planted by Mendenhall’s Florists & Nursery Inc. of Brookfield from their inventory as follows:

  • Norther Red Oak (x4)
  • Autumn Radiance Red Maple (x8)
  • Autumn Blaze Maple (x8)
  • Skyline Locust (x8)

Because inventory is limited and moves quickly, the list is subject to substitutions.

Work will begin this fall when the trees are dormant and will be supplied with water bladders in the spring of 2021.

Also, a requirement of the grant is training and education on trees provided by a certified arborist that will be held for City employees. This training will be open to the public. An invite to the training will be announced at a later date.

All requirements of the TRIM Grant must be completed by May 7, 2021.

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