2021 Patriotic Pie Wars

Downtown Marceline Wants YOU – For its Patriotic Pie War
(It’s going to be as American as Apple Pie!)
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

This Fourth of July FUNdraiser auction runs from 8am to 8pm on Downtown Marceline’s facebook page. Proceeds from the event go towards the restoration of the iconic Zurcher Building on Main Street USA.

Downtown Marceline’s “13 Original” pie bakers will be revealed on Monday, June 21, 2021.

Update – Take a look at the pies!

How it works

  • Pie bids start at $10, with whole dollar bid increments only.
  • Bidding starts on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 and runs from 8a to 8pm.
  • ‘Comment’ your bid under your baker’s post.
  • Posted pictures are NOT to be shared.
  • The highest bidder for each pie will be notified for payment at the end of auction.
  • Pie pick up and payment will be Friday, July 2, 2021 from 6-8pm at the Downtown Marceline office. It’s going to be SWEET!

Rhonda Lodder Stallo

Coconut Cream Pie

Hello, my name is Rhonda Lodder Stallo. When I first started working with my mom at Ma Vic’s, I wasn’t a baker! It wasn’t until some of our customers started sharing their favorite pie recipes that I decided to give it a try. Now the pie that I get the most requests to bake is my coconut cream. Enjoy!

Julie Tarpening

Peach Pie

My name is Julie Tarpening and although I’ve never really liked to cook, I love to bake. Growing up, my Aunt Martha was always the one who brought pies to our family dinners. When she decided she was through baking, I took on the job. Her favorite pie was peach, so that is what I’ll make! Have a Safe and Happy 4th!

Kathy Stark

Peach Pie

My name is Kathy Stark and I acquired this delicious Peach Pie recipe some 50 years ago from a wonderful cook and baker named Olga. We have enjoyed both the pie and the fond memories of our neighborhood friends that we knew when we lived in Shawnee, Kansas.

Edna Shoemaker

German Chocolate Pie

My name is Edna Shoemaker and German Chocolate Pie combines three of my favorite things- chocolate, coconut, and pecans. It is a great combo in a pie or a cake. However, the teacher in me wants you to know it has nothing to do with Germany but everything to do with America…. look it up!

Georgia Smith

Sour Cream Raisin Pie

My name is Georgia Smith. I have lived in Marceline all my life. I have made a sour cream raisin pie. This recipe was handed down to me by Verlee Pollard when I was first married. It was a favorite of my husband and my mother.

Shirley White

Sour Cream Apple Pie

My Mother in Law, Millie White always made a sour cream apple pie that was a family favorite and was always taken to church dinners.

Tricia Belt

Lemon Pie

My name is Tricia Belt and I am originally from Arizona. We had many lemon groves in our area and always had fresh lemons. I began making this recipe 50 years ago and it has always been a family favorite. Great memories of making this recipe and sharing with family and friends.

Diane McCauslin

Blackberry Pie

Blackberry pie!! We grow our blackberries. I love baking pies with my 12 grandchildren.

Dottie Cupp

Strawberry/Rhubarb with crumb topping

Well Good Day! I have chosen to bake a strawberry-rhubarb single crust, crumb topped pie for my project. I remember as a child, June always meant plenty of fresh strawberries and rhubarb. I spent many mornings picking strawberries alongside my grandmother, aunt and cousins and then sitting around stemming them until your fingers were permanently stained with berry juice. As for the rhubarb, I can say I honestly didn’t care for it, but when the two were joined and made into jam, I couldn’t get enough. So when I grew and married, I wasn’t much at making jam, but I do like to bake, so pie it was. Nothing like a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie to define summer!

Gloria Gooch

Blackberry Pie

My name is Gloria Gooch and I guess I acquired my cooking skills from my mother Alma Pope. My dad always picked wild blackberries every year and we couldn’t wait for mom to make a cobbler.

Inez Johnson

Apple Pie

The years we raised & sold Elk, I did a lot of entertaining. Two of my favorite foods were elk roast & apple pie.

Kim Pearman

Apple-Cheesecake Pie

Apple-cheesecake pie! I grew up making pies with my mom. I have been experimenting with a new pie recipe. My two favorite desserts are cheesecake and apple pie.

Velvet Dorrell

Triple Sugar Blackberry with crumb topping

My name is Velvet Dorrell. When my husband and I moved to our current home, we discovered we had lots of wild blackberries, so I began picking them, since he wanted a cobbler. I tried many many recipes, but since I don’t eat the berries myself, he took leftovers to the Post Office where he works. They enjoyed them all, but when I tried a Crumb Topped Triple Sugar Blackberry Pie, they said “Stop! This is the one we want!” It is now my go-to pie to make for friends and family.

The Pies!