Coke Wall Mural Donation

The Downtown Marceline Foundation is very pleased to announce the Coke Wall Mural in Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri has undergone the necessary brick repair work and we have completed the restoration of the Mural, using the vibrant Coca-Cola colors everyone recognizes. The result is beautiful!

Coke Wall Mural funding | Downtown Marceline Foundation

We are extremely thankful to the Macon Coca-Cola Bottling Company and the Coca-Cola Company for their very generous donation to the project. We’re still only halfway to our goal to pay for the restoration, but we are proud to have the iconic Coke Wall Mural once again intact for many to enjoy. We would be grateful to everyone who can contribute to this project so we can continue to help revitalize Main Street USA. Donations are tax-deductible, as the Downtown Marceline Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, and can be made in person in Marceline, or online at

Also, we are hopeful to do a related project in the future that is aptly named the ‘Coke Wall Plaza’. It would be an outdoor seating area in front of the Coke Wall Mural, with picnic tables and seats, overhead lighting and shade, and new railings. The Mural and Plaza are both fan-favorites and located on the side of the Zurcher Building, which sits at the corner of Ritchie Street and Main Street USA.

Some history of the Coke Wall Mural: A Coke historian projected that the original Coca-Cola advertisement was most likely painted in 1906, the same year the Disney family moved from Chicago to Marceline. Albert Zurcher built an apartment building behind his jewelry store in 1919, covering the ad. In 2002 the apartment building burned down, revealing the ‘lost’ Coke ad that Walt Disney would have seen as a child in Marceline. In November 2015 a team of artists restored the iconic advertisement.

We invite you to come visit us here in Marceline, Missouri to see the Coke Wall Mural, the future Coke Wall Plaza, and all of the other wonderful places, things and people Marceline loves to share.

Coke Wall Mural Donation | Downtown Marceline Foundation