2024 Patriotic Pie War

Downtown Marceline Wants YOU – For its Patriotic Pie War
(It’s going to be as American as Apple Pie!)
June 26-8am to June 27-8pm, 2024

This Fourth of July FUNdraiser auction runs on Downtown Marceline’s facebook page. Proceeds from the event go towards projects and events in support of Downtown Marceline.

How it works

  • Bidding takes place on facebook from Wednesday, June 26th at 8am, to Thursday, June 27th at 8pm.
    • winning bids will be timestamped at 8:00 PM or earlier.
  • Click on the names and photos below to go to their post on the Downtown Marceline facebook page event.
  • Add a comment on the post for the baker/pie you want to bid on. Bids start at $10, going up by whole dollar bid increments only.
  • Please don’t share the posts – keep the bidding on the event.
  • After bidding closes, the highest bidder for each pie will be notified for payment.
  • Pie pick up and payment will be Friday, June 28th from 6-8pm at the Downtown Marceline Foundation office on Main Street.
  • Don’t forget – just because you’re not near Marceline, doesn’t mean you can’t bid on a pie and gift it to someone local.

Jessi Littleton

Apple Pie

I grew up watching my grandma cook and fell in love with it at an early age. I remember spending hours going through all of her cookbooks finding different recipes I wanted to try. I chose to make an apple pie for this year’s pie war because it’s one of the first pies I remember making. Over the years, I have tried several different versions of apple pie, searching for the perfect recipe. I’m excited to be making a pie for this year’s pie war and hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Joyce Clapp

Blackberry Pie

I was born and raised in Marceline. I have been the Library Director for the past 34 years. Blackberry pie is a family favorite. Each summer we pick wild blackberries from our farm and freeze them, so we can enjoy them during the winter months.

Rachael Gooch

Snickerdoodle Cream Cheese Apple Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Rachael Gooch | Downtown Marceline Foundation

As a little girl growing up I used to bake all sorts of “crazy” cookies with my Grandma Nolan from white chocolate macadamia to ginger orange slice cookies. Now, all grown up, God has blessed me with three handsome boys and a wonderful husband to bake cookies for. It was only recently in the last couple of years I have ventured out into baking pies and cheesecakes. This a fairly new recipe to my family but seems to be a hit. I will be baking a snickerdoodle cream cheese apple pie. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!

Lori Saunders

Cherry Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Lori Saunders | Downtown Marceline Foundation

When I was a child, my mother rarely baked pies. There was an occasional chocolate cream pie, which I really loved. My grandmother was a pie baker, but usually a fruit pie and it was always about 3/4 of an inch thick because she fed so many people and of course, raising children through the depression era had a lot to do with that. When I do bake a pie, I enjoy a real crust and prefer a cherry pie or gooseberry pie. Crust making was always a chore for me. My mother-in-law, Ina Saunders, who was a champion pie baker, tried to teach me, but my success came through trial and error mostly. Finally I mastered being able to keep a pie crust in one piece instead of 25! I have no recipes that have been handed down to me, but as you can see my Betty Crocker and better homes and garden cookbooks are getting wore out, they’re 46 years old wedding gifts, I usually just find a recipe in there and use… consequently the apron laying there I made in seventh grade. Kaye Malins was our student teacher in Home Economics at Northwestern when we did those, yes, I still have it! This year my pie is a cherry pie.

Beth Teeter

Pink Lemonade Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Beth Teeter | Downtown Marceline Foundation

My dad, David Norbury, was always baking sweet treats for family, friends, and neighbors. Growing up, our home was filled with wonderful aromas of homemade cinnamon rolls, biscuits, breads, and pies. I wish now I had paid better attention to his baking methods. I did learn how to make his pink lemonade pie, which I am making for this year’s Pie War. A summer family get together wasn’t complete without a slice!

Ruth Shackelford

Wild Blueberry Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Ruth Shackelford | Downtown Marceline Foundation

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Ruth Shackelford. I am a student at Marceline High School, and owner of Ruthie’s Bakery! Growing up in a large family, baking has always been a part of my life. Some of my fondest memories are of baking with family and friends. For this year’s Pie War, I will be making my grandma’s wild blueberry pie!

Betty Tarpening

Apple Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Betty Tarpening | Downtown Marceline Foundation

I have been making pies for 70 years. My mother, Myrtle Terrell, taught me the art of baking, cooking, and sewing at an early age. I have been able to pass this on to my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I enjoy helping with church dinners and community events. The pie I will make for the Pie War will be apple.

Brenda Neil

Apple Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Brenda Neil | Downtown Marceline Foundation

I remember when growing up of all the times my Grandma Surber (Lois Buckman’s mom) was cooking but especially her pies! She made the most delicious crust! This tradition was handed down to my mom, Lois Buckman. I’ve made a lot of pies over the years, such as a huge fresh apple pie for my son-in-law’s groom pie for their wedding. I’ve now been teaching my grandchildren about cooking. I’m making a fresh apple pie with homemade crust using my Betty Crocker recipe that’s been used for years. I can’t help but remember the commercial in 1975 the year before I married, “Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet!”

Diane Sportsman

Peach and Blackberry Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Diane Sportsman | Downtown Marceline Foundation

Baking was something I grew up loving to watch with my mom and granny. In fact, I used to put on my own ‘baking show’ in the kitchen with a ‘live audience’ (my mom and numerous stuffed animals). As a kid my mom would make delicious peach pies and blackberry cobblers (Which was what we called pies made in a 9X13 cake pan!) While she was still able, we would have Lard Parties and make a ton of homemade pie crusts to use year-round. You can’t beat a homemade crust from lard!!! Baking memories with my family will always be a part of me! I couldn’t decide which pie to bake, so I decided to combine both of my favorites into one Homemade Peach and Blackberry Pie. I am honored to share my memories with all of you.

Kristin Allen

Cherry Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Kristin Allen | Downtown Marceline Foundation

From baking lots of breads, muffins and cookies in 4-H to attempting to master my Great Grandma Olive Liebhart’s pie crusts and noodle making, I have come to enjoy being in the kitchen. This upbringing has influenced my career path as I am the current Family Consumer Science teacher at Marceline High School. I find myself wanting to share my passion of cooking and baking with not only my students but my friends and family. Anytime we have a family dinner or get together with friends, I oftentimes volunteer to bake a pie, whether it be pecan, fresh strawberry or peach or many different kinds of cream pies. There isn’t anything more patriotic and festive than a cherry pie made with fresh cherries picked right off the neighbor’s tree and pitted by hand. I strive to be as good of a cook as my Great Grandma Ollie; therefore, I hope you enjoy it!

Cindy Dorrell

Pineapple Coconut Cream

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Cindy Dorrell | Downtown Marceline Foundation

My mom was a great cook all around but her pies were the best. It was hard to decide which of her pies I wanted to make for the bake off but decided her pineapple coconut cream was probably my favorite. It brings back such fond memories of her Sunday Dinners.

Carrie Welsh

Nectarine Galette

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Carrie Welsh | Downtown Marceline Foundation

One of my very first memories is baking chocolate chip cookies with my grandma in Chicago. We always baked cookies together. And the recipe was never anything too exotic, it was always the recipe off of the back of the chocolate chip bag with a little extra touch of coffee! I think those days have led to my current baking adventures as an adult. I’m known for my cobblers, but I can also make a mean coffee cake as well as many other various items! But the one thing I don’t make are traditional pies… but I do make French Galettes which are technically freeform pies! For you, I will be making a Nectarine Galette. This Galette is also made with an almond ginger base layer. They are a fun easy go to in my kitchen at home (even though I bake mainly at the kitchen at MPC now) and they can be made with various fruits, but I like to go with the stone fruits most of all! These galettes are perfect for summer nights after dinner. I always recommend serving these galettes Ala mode! Bon appétit!

Denise Kussman

Apple Pie

2024 Patriotic Pie War Baker: Denise Kussman | Downtown Marceline Foundation

Walking into my Granny’s house, there was always a smell of something baking in the oven-whether it was cinnamon rolls, homemade cookies, cakes, or pies. My Granny always had something sweet for my Papa to eat. I loved watching her cook, and I have been challenged over the years to try and make things like she did. Although I cannot quite make things exactly how she did-the trials, fails, and sometimes wins that I get remind me of her strength and to keep trying no matter how hard things are. If I could just get the smell of her kitchen into my dishes, that would be the goal to meet! I’m going to make my Granny’s apple pie.