2023 Patriotic Pie War

2023 Pie War | Downtown Marceline Foundation

Downtown Marceline Wants YOU – For its Patriotic Pie War
(It’s going to be as American as Apple Pie!)
Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 8am-8pm

This Fourth of July FUNdraiser auction runs from 8am to 8pm on Downtown Marceline’s facebook page. Proceeds from the event go towards projects and events in support of Downtown Marceline.

How it works

  • Bidding takes place on facebook from 8am to 8pm on Wednesday, June 28th.
  • Click on the names and photos below to go to their post on the Downtown Marceline facebook page event.
  • Add a comment on the post for the baker/pie you want to bid on. Bids start at $10, going up by whole dollar bid increments only.
  • Please don’t share the posts – keep the bidding on the event.
  • After bidding closes, the highest bidder for each pie will be notified for payment.
  • Pie pick up and payment will be Friday, June 30th from 6-8 pm at the Downtown Marceline Foundation office on Main Street.
  • Don’t forget – just because you’re not near Marceline, doesn’t mean you can’t bid on a pie and gift it to someone local.

Michelle North

Classic Peach Pie

My husband and I were both raised in families that baked everything from scratch. This was just how it was done. I learned how to bake pies from my mother with the many passed down family recipes.

I’m excited to participate in such a good cause. We have made Marceline our home and raised our small family. Every year since 1996 we have hosted a 4th of July event for family and friends. My husband cooks the main meal while I provide the pies and one of my husband’s favorites is peach.

I have fond memories of my uncle from North Carolina visiting every couple of years and always bringing boxes of Georgia peaches. Pies and preserves always followed, so my love of a good peach pie started there. The secret to a good fruit pie is selecting quality fruit. You can have the best crust with a perfect bake, but if you don’t have flavorful fruit, then it’s just a pie.

I hope you enjoy my version of the Classic Peach Pie.

Mary Cupp

Wild Blackberry Pie

One of my favorite summer activities is picking wild blackberries from the patches on our property.

Deb Barnett

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie has always been a family favorite. I enjoy making pies for my children and grandchildren.

Nancy Schreiner

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I have loved to cook and bake since I was a child. I am baking a Strawberry Rhubarb pie, a specialty of mine that I have donated to many benefit auctions and fundraisers. My husband grows the rhubarb. I’m always happy to make a special dessert or baked item for bake sales or a friend’s special day. Of course, for that person that doesn’t have a sweet tooth there is always a batch of homemade chicken and noodles as an option!

Nolynn Stallo

Rhubarb Pie

Nolynn is 9 years old and he loves to cook and bake with his Nan. He is so excited to be participate in the 3rd Patriotic Pie War. Nolynn will be making a Rhubarb Pie with his Great Grandma Rose Stallo’s recipe, with fresh rhubarb from his mom’s rhubarb patch.

Kristin Allen

Apple Crumble

I have so many great memories in the kitchen with my Mom and Grandma, baking, cooking, and even making homemade jelly! I am baking you an apple crumble pie that is one of my new favorite recipes from my sister! I hope you enjoy it!

Kirsten Ewigman

Chocolate Meringue Pie

My Gramma Reba Wood was an amazing cook, and my favorite was when she would make her homemade chocolate pudding – even better when she made it into a pie. I am making old fashioned chocolate meringue pie in her honor.

Tina Krumpelman

Chocolate Cream Cheese Pecan Pie

I enjoy cooking and put tons of love in my seasoning techniques for my family. Growing up, I never imagined being as good of a pie maker as my mom, Betty. I aspire to make pies like her. I was thrilled to be asked to bake for the pie challenge to support our Downtown Marceline Foundation Fourth of July Fundraiser. I immediately thought of my son, Hayden. His favorite pie is pecan! Being a transplant to town, I love that Marceline has festivals and events all the time. Enjoy the 4th everyone!

Margie Cowell

Butterfinger Pie

I am a native of Wien, MO. The ladies of Wien have always been noted for their great cooking skills. Even though I could never lay claim to those great skills, I did get some practice with my own 5 kids and many times happily welcomed 5 more. For the patriotic pie war, I am going to try my hand at the “Butterfinger pie”. I chose this cool summery “Non-caloric” pie in hopes it is a friend to the winner’s taste buds . Thank you and happy bidding!!! Have a safe & happy 4th!!!!

Margaret Epperson

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Happy 4th everyone, I’m a retired social worker, avid gardener, mother, grandmother and long time family baker. A few years ago, when I was much younger and had more energy, I began entering my pies in the Missouri State Fair. My honey pecan and apple strudel pies both earned Blue Ribbons. Pie is always my family’s favorite dessert.

Mary Lee Moffitt

Coconut Pie

I have been baking around 40 years. I started making homemade candy first (fudge and divinity). I progressed to making pies. It was trial and error for a while. My first pie was pecan. I had watched other people prick the pie crust on other pies, so that’s what I did and the result was terrible. The pie filling was under the crust. Though the years I just started following recipes and with much practice, I can make a pie that turns out pretty good. I make cream pies, fruit pies, and even pecan pies. I appreciate all my loyal customers who have supported me through the years.

Sis Lockwood

Peanut Butter Pie

My mom‘s mom lived with us until she passed away when I was almost 13 years old. I have fond memories of both of them making pies but I absolutely love the memories of my grandma making pies and saving a little bit of her homemade pie crust to bake as an individual treat with butter, sugar and cinnamon for us kids. I am by far not in the same category as they were. But I’m willing to try and I’m making a delicious peanut butter pie🇺🇸this is their actual bread board & rolling pin.

Kathy Harlan

Apple Crisp

We have an apple tree that produces the sweetest crisp apples each year. These apples make the best apple crisp, which is very popular with my nieces and nephews. I am honored to share it!