2022 Patriotic Pie Wars Wrap Up

A big thanks to all of the amazing pie bakers who donated their time and talents to baking the wonderful pies that we auctioned off on June 30th! Without your contributions, we would not have been able to have such a great event. Again, thank you!

And to everyone who bid and won, we’re very grateful for your support of Downtown Marceline and our efforts. Your generous donations will go towards projects and events in support of Downtown Marceline. Your donations came to over $1,500, which was more than our inaugural event last year!

And last but not least, thank you to everyone who shared our social posts, spread the word to enable more people to find out about this FUNdraiser, and to those who bid, but didn’t win (don’t worry – there’s always next year!)

Start practicing now, in case you’re invited to be one of the original pie bakers for 2023. And now, here’s some of the delicious pies that were brought to the Downtown Marceline office this year:

Amanda Johnson

Cherry Pie

Amanda Johnson | DowntownMarceline.org

Rebecca Rodgers

Coconut Pecan German Chocolate Pie

Rebecca Rodgers | DowntownMarceline.org

Susie Smith-Patten

Blackberry Pie

Mary Hustead

Coconut Cream

Mary Hustead | DowntownMarceline.org

Jada Taylor

Apple Pie

Jada Taylor | DowntownMarceline.org

Diane Rodgers

Strawberry Pie

Diane Rogers | DowntownMarceline.org

Lori Rollison

Coconut Key Lime Cream Pie
with Pecan Crust

Lori Rollison | DowntownMarceline.org

Nora Othic

Blackberry Pie

Nora Othic | DowntownMarceline.org

Beverly Bandy

Pecan Pie

Mary Hustead & Beverly Bandy | DowntownMarceline.org

Deloris Ewigman

Pecan Pie

Deloris Ewigman | DowntownMarceline.org

Jill Gordon

Banana Cream Pie

Jill Gordon | DowntownMarceline.org

Kalli and Chasity Barnett

Pecan Pie

Kalli and Chasity Barnett | DowntownMarceline.org

Lizzy and Lexi

Oreo Cream Pie

Lizzy and Lexi | DowntownMarceline.org