2022 Patriotic Pie Wars

2022 Patriotic Pie Wars | DowntownMarceline.org

Downtown Marceline Wants YOU – For its Patriotic Pie War
(It’s going to be as American as Apple Pie!)
Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 8am-8pm

This Fourth of July FUNdraiser auction runs from 8am to 8pm on Downtown Marceline’s facebook page. Proceeds from the event go towards projects and events in support of Downtown Marceline.

How it works

  • Bidding takes place on facebook from 8am to 8pm on Wednesday, June 29th.
  • Click on the names and photos below to go to their post on the Downtown Marceline facebook page event.
  • Add a comment on the post for the baker/pie you want to bid on. Bids start at $10, going up by whole dollar bid increments only.
  • Please don’t share the posts – keep the bidding on the event.
  • After bidding closes, the highest bidder for each pie will be notified for payment.
  • Pie pick up and payment will be Friday, July 1st from 6-8 p.m. at the Downtown Marceline office on Main Street.
  • Don’t forget – just because you’re not near Marceline, doesn’t mean you can’t bid on a pie and gift it to someone local.

Amanda Johnson

Cherry Pie

Amanda Johnson | DowntownMarceline.org

My husband and I with our four children live in Marceline. I have an in-home daycare, while staying home with my two girls who are not school-age yet. I took on a hobby of baking. I started out doing Farmer’s Markets and taking orders here and there. My hobby grew fairly quickly into a small at-home baking business. Baking definitely keeps me busy. It’s hard to choose just one pie. But I decided to bake my CHERRY pie! My 10-year-old son used my recipe and won three awards at the Linn County 4H Fair-cherry pie Contest. I hope you enjoy it!

Rebecca Rodgers

Coconut Pecan German Chocolate Pie

Rebecca Rodgers | DowntownMarceline.org

I was born and raised here in Marceline. I am a full time hairstylist in my home, but when I am not working, I love to spend time in my kitchen, cooking and baking for my husband, Steve and our son, Aiden. I was elated when asked if I could bake a pie for the Patriotic Pie War. I am sharing with you a pie that is a favorite of one of my dear hair clients, Mrs. Betty Bailey of Brookfield. My pie is a Coconut Pecan German Chocolate Pie. It has a delicious flavor and a great texture. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do and help to support our Downtown Marceline Fourth of July Fundraiser.

Susie Smith-Patten

Blackberry Pie

Susie Smith-Patten | DowntownMarceline.org

Blackberries are a vivid memory of my time on the farm picking and eating the pie that mom would bake. Dad would mow the brush down so we could reach the berries in HOT July! I’d wear dad’s long sleeve shirt, hat, and long pants tucked into my shoes to keep the ticks and mosquitoes at bay.

When I get a request for a blackberry pie now, reaching into the freezer at the country store takes the hardest work out of the task.

My memories are still sweet and vivid of time spent with mom, dad, grandma, and neighbors. My pie may not be the prettiest but the taste will be well worth the price.

Mary Hustead

Coconut Cream

Mary Hustead | DowntownMarceline.org

One of my favorite childhood memories was watching my mother, Edna Clark, make homemade pie crust and pies for church events and family gatherings. A family favorite is coconut cream so that’s what I will make.

Jada Taylor

Apple Pie

Jada Taylor | DowntownMarceline.org

I have been baking with my mom and my grandma Sharon Siddens since I was little. Although I don’t bake a lot it is fun and I really enjoy having a good time! I will be baking an Apple 🍎 Pie 🥧

Diane Rodgers

Strawberry Pie

One of my fondest childhood memories was watching my Mom make pies.. she’d always make a regular size pie and then use jar lids to make tiny pies for all us kids. Although I never got to ask my Mom for her recipes; I was blessed to be surrounded by women who graciously shared their baking skills. One such woman was Mona White. For this year’s Pie War, I will be baking Mona’s Strawberry Pie.

Nora Othic

Blackberry Pie

Nora Othic | DowntownMarceline.org

I have lived in Marceline – my father’s home-town – for most of my life. I have made a blackberry pie from wild berries picked on my farm.

Lori Rollison

Coconut Key Lime Cream Pie
with Pecan Crust

Lori Rollison | DowntownMarceline.org

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was get together with family on various occasions and enjoy lots of good food. As I got older, I decided to try my hand at making different foods for my own family and found that I loved it. I am often inspired to make desserts that I see on baking shows or that I try while on vacation. Coconut Key Lime cream pie is a bit tart, a bit sweet, and very cooling, which makes it a perfect treat for a hot summer day.

Beverly Bandy

Pecan Pie

Beverly Bandy | DowntownMarceline.org

I guess I’m known for my pecan pies. Back a few years ago when I was involved in an organization, we would do money makers. Having dinners, I would make a pie. Wilma Wrenn would call and ask me if I was making a pecan pie. If so, she wanted me to save a couple of slices for her and Jack. So I would always save 2 slices back for them. So I am baking this pecan pie for the Patriotic Pie Wars.

Deloris Ewigman

Pecan Pie

Deloris Ewigman | DowntownMarceline.org

This pecan pie has an extra amount of pecans in it as we have our own pecan trees on our farm which makes it a very tasty pecan pie.

Jill Gordon

Banana Cream Pie

Jill Gordon | DowntownMarceline.org

I am so happy to support Downtown Marceline’s 2nd annual Pie Contest! When I’m not teaching or keeping up with my husband and three kiddos, I occasionally love to bake. Luckily for any bidders, my Aunt Julie is going to give me some lessons on her perfect pie crust before the contest. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th! ❤️🤍💙

Kalli and Chasity Barnett

Pecan Pie

Kalli and Chasity Barnett | DowntownMarceline.org

We will be baking a pie that is A staple piece at many of our family dinners. We will be baking a traditional pecan pie.

Lizzy and Lexi

Oreo Cream Pie

We love to make messes in the kitchen! Baking with our mom and grandmas is one of our favorite things to do! We will be making an Oreo Cream Pie. It’s one of our favorites, and know you will love it, too!