Ultimate Tailgate Face-off online auction

Tis’ the season when we think of Tailgates and Touchdowns – so let’s CELEBRATE with some Barbeque!

The Downtown Marceline Foundation has developed a playbook to host its first ever Ultimate Tailgate Face-off.

The proceeds from this online auction will go towards the continued revitalization of historic downtown Marceline on Main Street USA.

October 26th @ 8am
October 27th @ 8pm

Here’s how we run the play:

  • Before the auction starts, look through the lineup of ‘grill masters’ and the feast they’ll be preparing so you’ll know how to plan your donation bid – and your tailgate the next day!
  • Please do NOT share the facebook posts – keep the bidding on the facebook event discussion page.
  • Each ‘grill master’ will be cooking at least one stand-alone dish (that is, it’ll contain a protein of some type,) that will feed 10-12 tailgaters.
  • Online bids for the feast will increase in whole dollar increments.
  • The highest online bidder for each ‘grill master’ entry (and/or entries) will be notified for payment at close of the auction. The crowd goes wild when fans begin to outbid the others for the prized barbeque. Hence the name Ultimate Tailgate Face-off.
  • Just like an 8-player football team, we recruited eight ‘grill masters’ to donate an entry and/or entries for this Downtown Marceline Foundation FUNdraiser.
  • The ‘grill masters’ will deliver their feasts to the Downtown Marceline Foundation office on Saturday, October 28th between 4-5pm.
  • The high bidders for each feast will then pick up and pay for their winning barbeque at the Downtown Marceline Foundation office between the hours of 5-6pm on Saturday, October 28th.

Thanks so much for being a fan of the Downtown Marceline Foundation FUNdraiser with your bids! Go Team!

Below are the ‘grill masters’ you’ll be bidding up!
Spread the word, donate to a good cause, and get ready to eat!

Click on the grill masters (or food) you want to bid on below, and you’ll be taken to the facebook post to place your bid. (You CAN bid multiple times!)

John Pinkston

Smoked Paella

You don’t normally think of it as tailgating food, but Paella feeds a crowd and gives you several meat options. This Paella is done on my Traeger smoker. The pork butt is smoked in a pan so all the wonderful drippings and rendered fat can be used to cook the rice and finish off the pork until it is pull apart tender. Added to that is smoked sausage and it’s topped with shrimp that absorbs all the smoky goodness. This shouldn’t make sense as a tailgating food, but after you’ve tried it, you’ll be coming back to it on a regular basis. Serve this dish with some fresh chopped parsley and a little Mexican crema, and you’ll be going back for seconds before you know it.

Richard Switzer

Bacon Wrapped Pig Shots and Fatties

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon?

For your tailgate feast Richard Switzer will be serving bacon wrapped pig shots and fatties. The pig shots (shot glass sized bacon cups) will be filled with kielbasa sausage, jalapeños, and cream cheese.

The 2 bacon wrapped fatties are stuffed meat rolls. One will be a Swiss cheese, sautéed onion, and mushroom fatty. The other will be a pizza supreme fatty. Both will be made with local grown beef from Switzer Farms.

Enjoy these Ultimate Tailgate appetizers!

Andrew North

KC style BBQ Brisket with
Mac and Cheese

My Mum is a pretty awesome cook, and everything was from scratch. I grew up on a farm and liked to camp and fish, so cooking on an open fire naturally became part of the experience. Our family moved to Texas from New Zealand, and we got to experience Tex-Mex, southern style cooking, and Texas BBQ. It blew my mind.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I had access to an offset smoker and started smoking meats. Becoming a welder in my early years allowed me to build my own smokers, and BBQ developed into a 30+ year obsession.

I intend on making a KC style BBQ brisket with my special Mac and Cheese on the side. I guarantee it’s going to be some of the best you ever had. Enjoy.

Brent Vandeloecht

Pork Butt

Tonya Kelly

Baby Back Ribs, Mac and Cheese,
and Baked Beans

First I would like to thank you for choosing me to be a part of this wonderful fundraiser! One of my greatest joys in life is cooking for family and friends and our great little community! I will be smoking a few of my favorite dishes… baby back ribs with a sweet and savory honey garlic glaze, Mac and cheese (with a homemade smoked beer cheese sauce) and baked beans that simmer low and slow for several hours! I’m excited for folks to try this tailgate trio! It has become a game day favorite at our house.

James Sheffield

Baked Jumbo Shrimp

I was born in Alabama, grew up in Mississippi. I learned how to cook from my grandmother. She cooked a lot of Cajun dishes and a lot of deep South dishes, so that’s where I picked up my love for cooking. What I am cooking is a baked jumbo. Shrimp, sausage, sauce, rice, onions, red, and yellow pepper. I hope y’all love my version of my grandmother’s classic.

Michael Olinger

Frogmore Shrimp Boil

Since the mid-1980s Frogmore Stew, a low country South Carolina Shrimp Boil has been a favorite of our family and friends from around the world. It is my pleasure to prepare this delectable meal for your ultimate tailgate party. CHEF OLINGER – PAPPY’S KITCHEN

Appetizer: Homemade boudin balls accompanied with remoulade sauce – Main menu: Frogmore stew – potatoes, corn on the cob, shrimp and sausage, cooked with savory spices. Crusty bread. (NO FROGS INCLUDED)

Walter Heller

Whole Turkey and Chicken Drumsticks

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to compete in the first ever “Ultimate Tailgate Face Off”. I will be smoking two of my favorites for you. A whole Turkey and Chicken drumsticks. I will be using the traditional wood fired smoker with hickory wood. I will be using a dry rub on both the turkey and chicken and then basting the drumsticks in a “Sweet Heat” barbecue sauce. Both the dry rub and barbecue sauce were created by a local legend none other than John Wellman with Wellman’s Barbecue Sauce. You will not be disappointed….. Go Tigers!