TP’s Mini Storage Begins Transformation into Simulated Roundhouse

Trudy Eads with "Blue Goose" banner | Downtown Marceline Foundation

The Downtown Marceline Foundation is happy to announce a creative and visually striking project aimed at enhancing the charm of Main Street USA. Thanks to the generosity of Kim and Paul Harrison, owners of TP’s Mini Storage, the park-facing building across from Ripley Square is set to become a “Simulated Roundhouse” through the addition of garage door banners.

This simple project involves ‘transforming’ the storage unit doors into a display of historic locomotives, beginning with a striking rendition of the “Blue Goose.” This locomotive, a streamlined steam engine built in 1937 for the Santa Fe Railroad, is known for its distinctive light blue livery. The Blue Goose, a Baldwin-built “Super Hudson” 4-6-4 steam locomotive, was one of six engines of its type, and the only one adorned in the iconic light-blue. It once proudly hauled the Santa Fe Chief passenger train from Chicago to Kansas City.

The first banner has been successfully installed on a unit rented by Trudy Eads, who happily agreed to participate in this beautification effort. The Downtown Marceline Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to Trudy for her enthusiasm and cooperation.

This initial engine banner was generously sponsored by the Marceline unit #154 of NARVRE (National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees), whose members selected the Blue Goose to pay homage to the rich railroad heritage of Marceline. This choice not only celebrates the historical significance of the Santa Fe Railroad but also adds a touch of artistry to the project.

As more banners are added, the TP’s Mini Storage building will gradually transform into a fun locomotive-themed landmark, for both locals and visitors. This project illustrates community spirit and creativity, making Marceline’s Main Street even more special. The Downtown Marceline Foundation looks forward to continuing this collaboration and further enhancing the beauty of our beloved town.

Original photo & project mockup, and first install