Diesel Locomotive 5007

This is a model S-D-forty 6-axle Diesel-Electric locomotive built by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division in nineteen-sixty-six.  When built, it was number seventeen-oh-eight and was re-numbered five-zero-zero-eight in two-thousand-and-two.  Over twelve-hundred S-D-forty locomotives were built between nineteen-sixty-six and nineteen-seventy-two.  These models were used to pull freight in North and South America along with Africa. 

Train engineers operate railroad locomotives. They are responsible for operating trains and driving them safely between stations. Most train engineers start as brake operators, switch operators or conductors, and earn promotion through experience and training.  Railroads operate twenty-four-seven three-hundred-sixty-five days a year.  Train engineers work an irregular work schedule in a cramped vibrating noisy work space.  They must be totally familiar with their route, and certified for every track segment.  They receive information about stops, delays, oncoming trains, and monitor gauges in the locomotive and respond correctly.  A train engineers’ job is much for complex than just blowing a horn. 

Locomotive five-zero-zero-eight pulled many freight trains until it was donated to the Walt Disney Hometown Museum in twenty-seventeen.