Join the 1888 Crew

Join the 1888 Crew

Marceline is the story of the American Railroad. We were founded on March 6, 1888 along the Santa Fe line and the railroad truly shaped our story. Join our ‘railroad crew’ as an homage to our railroad heritage.

For 10 years, the Downtown Marceline Foundation has undertaken a focused effort to revitalize Main Street USA. Individuals, businesses, organizations, property owners and the City of Marceline have partnered to improve our city center. The results are clear, and the progress is exciting: Facade improvements. New businesses. Tree plantings. Self-guided tours. Energized events, and reimagined parks.

Your donation will help the Foundation continue our mission to revitalize Marceline and help make our community a great place to live and visit.

Help Power the Future of Marceline

This number is based on the founding of Marceline on March 6, 1888.

If you’re able to give more each month, we love the 1888 number!

If you’d prefer a recurring annual donation, this number is $18.88 times 12 months.

We’re happy to accept one-time donations of $1,888 as well.

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Marceline is on the move!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can mail checks to 209 N. Main Street USA, Marceline, MO 64658. You can also stop by the Downtown Marceline Foundation office, or next door at Magnolia Antiques, to make your donation in cash, or to drop off a check.

Yes, donors can go to to pause or cancel their recurring donation.


Yes, your credit card information is secure. The Downtown Marceline Foundation does not store your card information, our payment processor keeps it secure so that we can accept your recurring donation.