We are Marceline

We are Marceline, Missouri and our story is the story of America. For well over 100 years, people have been drawn here for our fertile land, rich heritage and welcoming nature.​

We are the story of the American Railroad. We were founded in 1888 along the Santa Fe line and the railroad truly shaped our story. Named for the wife of a railroad administrator, our community and its prosperity were tied to the line.

We are the story of the American Maker. From our coal miners who unearthed the fuel for Westward Expansion to the farmhands who grew the bounty of these lands. We are the workers, the builders, the doers who define loyalty, determination, and reliability.​

We are the story of the American Dreamer. At the turn of the century, Elias Disney brought his family here to start a farm, and was drawn to this place by the values of this community. It was on that farm that his son Walt’s imagination was born. That ingenuity and creativity is still thriving in our publishing and manufacturing industries today.

We are the story of the American Downtown. Our Main Street planted the seed and crafted the image of the small American Downtown. From the Zurcher building and its Coke Mural to the Uptown Theater and its historic movie premieres, our home was the inspiration for Main Street USA.

We are Marceline, Missouri and we are proud of our amazing past. We are proud to tell the tale of how the rail has woven together so much of our history. We are proud to have preserved the best of Small Town America. We are proud to be the home of dreamers. And we are proud of the vision we are crafting for our future.

We invite you to discover this place we call home. Sit along Walt Disney’s Dreaming Tree, and see the place that inspired an American Legacy. Visit our shops, grab a bite in our traditional corner cafe, and feel the warmth of a true classic. Spend a day here and you’ll know what we mean when we say: Small Town America. Perfectly Imagined.

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